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The Dead Sister

High school senior Ben Martin retains a good reputation with his parents by keeping out of trouble while remaining on the A honor roll. But being with his girlfriend, Jess Olsen, may alter that, for he is daily trapped by her vindictive eyes judging his every decision. However, before he can set things right, a newfound friendship with Jess’s twin sister, Lizzie sparks a night of guilt-ridden mistakes, abruptly resulting in her death. In turn, he is sent to prison, and his parents’ disownment promptly follows.

Eight years later, Ben is a free man. Seeing Jess again not only rekindles old memories, but also enhances his determination to mend their broken bond. However, in return, her deepest desire is to discover why he was a witness in the tragic death of her shy sister, and why their relationship had been so important. The stunning truth they uncover together changes everything Jess has ever known about her beloved sister—until a secret is unraveled that should never have been left in the dark.

Status: Complete; Submitting to Agents


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The Last Soldier


Peter, a World War II soldier, has become a traitor to his own country and to his family. Every day, he wanders the wilderness, going over and over in his mind the choices he should have prevented. But it’s too late. He’s stuck in France in 1941, with no way to escape while living with too much fear to turn himself in to his commanding officer. Misery is at its finest; his life is now at its brutal end.

Flash forward seventy-six years. Library scholar Janie Berg’s grandmother has just passed away, leaving behind a husband – Grandpa Hal – who suffers from dementia in the nursing home. Before the funeral, however, Janie discovers her grandmother’s journal, addressed to her to research the mysterious details of her grandfather’s past. Why her grandmother would leave Grandpa Hal’s past up to her to solve is perplexing. But the truth will not only uncover how the two stories are tied together, but leave a shocking plot twist that will change everything Janie has ever known about her grandparents – as well as about herself.

Status: the Research & Writing Process


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